February 2nd, 2011

My memoir, The Search: A Memoir of an Adopted Woman, is now available for purchase in paperback and eBook form at amazon.com as well as barnesandnoble.com. Or support your local bookstore. All royalties from its sale will go to benefit the All One Family Fund.

The book details my long and difficult search for my birth parents–a journey of discovery that eventually led to the founding of the All One Family Fund.

Because of my own experiences and my training as a psychologist  specializing in family therapy, I wrote this book for all those connected with adoption and anyone considering becoming part of this amazing world as a guide around the obstacles straight to the wondrous benefits.

As an adopted child, I grew up feeling “less than” mainly because I was taught early on that being adopted was to be kept a secret, off limits for family discussion. In mid-life I came to see my insecurity was a blessing in disguise for it led me on a search for my birth parents to satisfy my ache to know where I came from. Despite all the obstacles unexpected blessings began appearing to guide and heal me. These eventually brought me to a place of acceptance and gratefulness for my life. I even found one treasure that I didn’t know I was looking for: my own self. In addition, I was given the gift of seeing at close range how adopted children can be raised with grace, sensitivity, and openness that brings happiness and fulfillment to all the family.

One of the greatest rewards of my search for my birth parents came later when I discovered what, in the end, we are all seeking: my life’s true purpose. As my eyes and heart opened to the horrific plight of so many suffering children around the world, I knew I had to do something to make a difference.

As you read my book, may your experience of adoption be enhanced and may your hearts expand to embrace all the children of the world.

Please have a look around our site, and explore the different sections: share your own story, learn about what we are doing to help different types of families throughout the world, etc. etc.

To contact the founders of All One Family Fund, Titia and Bill Ellis, please email: titia.ellis@gmail.com

Or correspond by mail: PO Box 225 South Pomfret, VT 05067

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